Watch The Tesla Model S P85D Drive In Autopilot Mode

The Tesla Model S P85D is unquestionably the best Tesla ever. It pushes the boundaries of both electric car performance and autonomous vehicle technology. So what's it like to ride in one when it's in autopilot mode?


Slashgear was also at the unveiling of the P85D last night, and they caught some video of the car's autopilot function in action. The Tesla can follow the curves in the road on its own, and change lanes automatically when you use the turn signal. This is what that feels like.

Like a lot of driving enthusiasts, I'm not too interested in autonomous driving on a personal level, but I have to admit the way this technology works is amazing. The latest Model S really is a marvel.

And hey, if you feel like driving yourself, you can do it really fast — the first part of this video seems to substantiate Tesla's 3.2 second zero to 60 mph time. This sucker can move, that's for sure.

Hat tip to Mr. Ontop, Breaker of Things in Oppo!


swansong, rockin' the wagons

The way that thing gets up to speed is just crazy. A boot in the back, some whiring, and bam a couple seconds later you're at 75 mph. No fuss, no drama.