The situation in Ukraine remains dicey. Loyalties which previously simmered under the surface are now coming to the forefront, and those loyalties are being tested. One line of cars waving Russian and Soviet flags came under attack from pro-Ukraine forces, and the point of view is frightening.

The video starts out quietly enough, with a couple sitting behind a line of cars waving the aforementioned flags. It looks like there's some sort of hold up ahead, a group of men waving Ukrainian flags stopping the line. The car that we're watching from tries to get around the block, but suddenly people are running towards it, stepping in front, menacing it to stop.


And then the windshield breaks.

No matter what side you stand on in this renewal of the East vs. West battle, everyone can agree that the less violence there is in this world, the better. Especially if civilians are left out of it, no matter what their views. That's part of what makes this whole scene so alarming.

If the car was stopped somehow, a lot more could have been broken than just a single piece of glass.

And while it's easy for me to say "go Ukraine, boo Russia!" sitting here in my nice comfy chair in America, opinions tend to be all about perspective. So don't just go right into the comments saying "serves them right!"


Nobody needs this.

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