Ukraine's Antonov Will Westernize This Huge Soviet-Era Cargo Plane

With Kiev’s relationship with Moscow now non-existent, Antonov aircraft is looking to inject western technologies and spare parts into its giant An-124 Condor and An-225 Mriya designs. So instead of having one giant plane constructed under one giant design philosophy, they’ll both now be a mix of both West and East.…

Watch The Harrowing Video Report On The Missile That Shot Down MH17

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed into eastern Ukraine more than a year ago. From the very beginning, it was fairly obvious that it was shot down by some sort of ground-launched missile, and it was likely a Russian-supplied type known as an SA-11“Buk.” The Dutch Safety Board, which was investigating the incident,…

Russian Fighter Came Within Ten Feet Of U.S. Jet Over The Black Sea

It seems that Russia’s interest in what kind of U.S. military hardware is operating in the Black Sea isn’t just limited to ships. CNN reports that a Russian fighter intercepted a USAF RC-135 electronic surveillance aircraft last month, roaring up to it at high-speed, with only ten feet to spare between the two…

Navy Responds To Claim Ship Was Scared Off By Russian Jets With Video

Media outlets in Russia began crowing last week about an incident in the Black Sea, off the coast of the contested Crimean Peninsula. Russian fighters buzzed an American destroyer, sending it running scared after it entered Russian waters, they said. But the US Navy just verbally struck back, with video of the…

This War Weary Ukrainian Soldier Takes A Nasty Spill Off A Moving BMP

A very shaky ceasefire is in place in some parts of Eastern Ukraine, while in others, Ukrainian troops are running for their lives under heavy shelling. The toll from prolonged fighting on Ukrainian troops is showing. Case in point: this soldier who slipped from clinging to a BMP-1 as it retreats at high speed from…

10 Su-27SM Flankers & 4 Su-30 Super Flankers Stationed In Crimea

As promised, Moscow is finally beefing up its air combat punch on the Crimean Peninsula. Sputnik news has pictures of Russia's new fighter regiment at Belbek Air Base, on the western Crimean coast. The base is stated to imminently house 10 highly upgraded Su-27SM and four state of the art Su-30 Super Flankers.

This Drone Footage From Chernobyl Is Beautifully Haunting

At this point, the nuclear wasteland that is Chernobyl and the surrounding city of Pripyat, Ukraine, are both overradiated and overexposed. It's hard to show the devastation in ways we haven't seen before in movies, in video games, and on the Internet. So the way this drone has filmed the city isn't just gorgeous,…

Russian Militias Are Now Blowing Up Gas Stations For Fun In Ukraine

The militias fighting to piss off the Ukrainian government expand Vladimir Putin's powerbase in the most obnoxious way possible achieve Freedom and Independence in Eastern Ukraine are definitely, definitely not just local hooligans suspiciously well-equipped with RPGs. So here they are blowing up a gas station.


Surface To Air Missile Fail: The Ukrainian Navy Can't Catch A Break

The Ukrainian Navy has had a pretty miserable time as of late, and this dud OSA-M surface to air missile is just the start of it. The ship depicted in the video above, U-209 Ternopil, a Grisha Class corvette and one of the the newest ships in the Ukrainian Navy, was seized by Russia after their annexation of Crimea.