Watch The Spectacular Finish Of Yesterday's TUSC Race In Detroit

Yesterday's Tudor United SportsCar Challenge race in Detroit featured some good racing, as usual, but the final lap was incredible. It was a true brawl for the lead, with banging, bruising, a broken tire, and even a drift or two. You should watch it all right now, starting at 1:38 in the video above.


Ricky Taylor found himself in 1st place on the last lap, but with multiple challengers behind, including the formidable Joao Barbosa and Richard Westbrook, and they both smelled blood. Each one came up from behind, hunting for their perfect passing opportunity, and snatching it each time, only to find it taken from their grasp. Not an inch of track was given up, with cars being slammed into the wall ruthlessly by the drivers, only to shove over for an inch of space on the other side.

At one point, Ricky Taylor even breaks traction, ordering up a dab of countersteer to bring his wayward Daytona Prototype back in line.


It was truly amazing racing, the likes of which we normally only see from Australian V8 Supercars. I was skeptical of TUSC at first, but now you can definitely count me in as a fan.

If you want to know who won, you can just watch the video above, because I'm not going to give it away.

But make sure you hang on until the end, because Jordan Taylor's sweet, sweet mullet makes a beautiful appearance.


H/t to Ryan!

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Wondering if we will see more Balance of Power adjustments to help the LMP cars since we are going to Kansas, which the DP's ran last year.

Also...we're going to Kansas next. Let that soak in. Kansas.