Watch the New BMW M8 Bully Its Way Around the Nürburgring

Gif: Automotive Mike (YouTube)

The new BMW M8 is coming soon, so you just have to drive it around the Nürburgring a bunch to make sure it’s as good as anyone who’s been dreaming of an M8 since 1990 expects it to be. Sometimes you may have to push Lamoborghinis out of the way.

I started watching this video keeping a close, um, ear to how the new M8 will sound, hoping for some of the restrained insanity that pops and gurgles out of the heavily-turbo’d M8 GTE race car.

Though, all I got was a fairly relaxed but fine enough note from what is most definitely a 4.4 liter V8 in the car, which it would share with the current F90 BMW M5.


But my favorite part of the video is near the end, where the test driver of the M8 embraces BMW culture and rapidly accelerates at the ass end of a Huracan,braking when it is clear the Lamborghini driver is NOT paying attention, who only swerves a little out of the way at the last minute. It’s a solid example of how most people see BMW drivers and Lamborghini drivers, but integrated directly into the testing!

Automotive Mike, who uploaded and sent us this video (thanks, Automotive Mike!) says the M5's engine has been tuned to be even more powerful in an effort, and this is me talking now, to make the M8 feel special. It’s also expected to get the rear-wheel drive bias and special rear-drive-only mode that the new M5 enjoys. The only good bias is rear bias. Saying bias in my head so much now makes it sound particularly weird. Is there a word for that?

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Do I have the honor of posting the first “Giant M8" meme for this article?