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Watch The McLaren P1 Going Flat Out

Illustration for article titled Watch The McLaren P1 Going Flat Out

This is McLaren's fantastic P1 hypercar doing what it was made for: going very fast using all the power from its biturbo 3.8 V8 and electric wizardry. Sounds good, looks good, and probably feels good too.


We know a lot about the McLaren P1. For example, we know it's a great snowmobile. We also know that the Germans are sending a 880 horsepower hybrid against it. But McLaren keeps testing to make sure no fine-tuning of the 918 by Porsche can match the best of Britain. Also, they have 903 horsepower.


It's time to put your headphones on!

Hat tip to Marchettino!

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I've said this before and I will say it again. McLaren needs to make the camo paint an option on the P1.

This is far better looking than flaming-tangerine and black two tone crap we've been seeing.

Honestly, if McLaren could learn to name their cars after something other than Chinese sewing machines and find a single designer who isn't color blind, they would be trampling all over the burning prancing stallions.