2014 has officially been declared the year of the hypercar. It's true, look it up. In preparation, the McLaren P1 has taken to the snow in order to assert its dominance over yet another type of terrain.

This isn't the first time that we've seen a McLaren on the snow, but it is the first time that we've gotten a chance to see the P1 getting its snow drift on. And holy hell does it sound orgasmic. I knew the V8 in the 12C sounded amazing, but this is amazing on a whole different level. It's guttural and raw, like Brian Johnson from AC/DC gargling quarters.

That's not a great comparison. Just listen to it and you'll understand.

While I understand why they have to test these cars in extreme conditions, do you think any of the 375 P1s will actually see duty in the snow from one of the uber-rich owners? I don't.


Then again, if one does go out in the snow, the owner will earn a whole new type of respect from me, you, the whole world, and probably Kang and Kodos, too.