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Watch The Incredibly Violent Antares Rocket Explosion From The Pad

An Antares supply rocket headed for the International Space Station blew to smithereens just above the launch pad last month, and video of it was pretty crazy. But also, it wasn't quite as subway-mumbling insane as it could've been, because the video was from far away. Here's that huge explosion close up.


(Also, I can say things like "blew to smithereens" and "huge explosion," because no one was killed and/or injured besides dignity and probably also a few insurance policies.)


The explosion was clearly a monstrous one, just judging from the shockwave that positively rocks the specially-hardened cameras placed to film the launch.

A problem on the turbo pump likely caused the explosion, according to rocket maker Orbital Sciences, and the company says it won't be using that type of engine anymore.

Or maybe they should? If only because Michael Bay always needs to make a new Transformers.

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Oran J Sands III

NASA blew it up on purpose due to a malfunction that may have sent it off course into populated areas. The turbo pump didn't cause the explosion.

Tuesday night, I saw what happens when they make the right call. A 139-foot-tall (43 meters) Antares rocket malfunctioned shortly after takeoff, and was destroyed in a massive explosion at the launch site after safety officers sent a kill signal. The glow from the accident was visible for miles up and down the coast, but because of the safeguards in place, no one was injured.…