Watch The Hennessey Ford GT Skedaddle To 267.6 MPH At The Texas Mile

Down in Texas, we believe that a man has the God-given right to take his car and drive it as fast as he possibly can in a straight line. Law enforcement officials do not agree with this philosophy, so that's why there's the Texas Mile, the biannual festival of speed where people attempt to achieve insane speeds. And this last weekend, a Ford GT tuned by Hennessey Performance hit a new record there of 267.6 mph.


We covered the broken record this weekend, but now you can see what it looked like from a helicopter and from inside the car. Boy, I tell you what, that Ford GT there sure can skedaddle.


Hennessey has been using this particular Ford GT, which packs a twin-turbo V8 on 117 octane racing gas, to continually break the speed records at the Mile. God only knows how much faster they can get it to go.

Check out the video if you're curious what life is like at 267 mph.

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Justin is driven

I know it's stupid to focus on this, but MAN am I sick of wraps. PAINT THE EFFING CAR. Incredible accomplishment, though. Unbelievably fast.

Honestly, there are lots of cars all over the country that are capable of these speeds in under a quarter of the distance - on a prepared surface. It's really amazing if you've never been to a drag strip to see and feel how sticky (literally) the surface is. The fact that these Texas mile cars can put down enough power to do these kinds of speeds on an unprepped surface is awesome, even if it does take four times as long to do it. :) I wonder how long it will be until someone decides that it's worth it to build a 2 mile strip and spray it down with glue/ prep the crap out of it. THAT will be incredible.