Watch The Fastest Lap In Formula 1 History

This is what life looks like above 220 miles per hour.

Rather, this is what life looks like at an average speed of 162.9 miles per hour, the fastest recorded lap in Formula 1 history.

This is Juan-Pablo Montoya at the wheel of his 2004 Williams. Behind him sits a 19,000 RPM 3.0 liter BMW V10 with an estimated 900 horsepower, at least according to Auto Motor und Sport. This was actually a significant decrease from their 2003 engine, which had something around 940.

Montoya recorded this lap in pre-qualifying, and the next day in the race his teammate recorded a top speed of 229.9 mph on Monza’s long front straight. Montoya was likely only a few miles per hour behind that figure on his record run.


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And today’s fastest quali time is 1:24.251, 4.726 seconds slower, but ‘04 cars had more assists than today’s cars.

Still, look at how far F1’s cars regressed.