Watch The Evolution Of Ferrari's Halo Cars From 288 GTO To LaFerrari

Personally, I'm pretty impressed with LaFerrari. I like the looks, I like the performance it will supposedly offer, and even its name is growing on me. But it's also good to know its pedigree, which includes a plethora of amazing supercars from Ferrari.

This video from Ferrari shows the evolution of LaFerrari from the 288 GTO that was intended for Group B glory, as well as the F40, the F50, and the Enzo. We also see what went into making the hypercar that just debuted at Geneva, including a development mule piloted by Formula One driver Fernando Alonso.


Not a bad family to come from at all. Which one would you take home? (The cars, I mean. Not Fernando Alonso. Although plenty of people probably want to.)

Hat tip to Car Crack!

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