Watch The Bizarre Porsche 961, The First All-Wheel-Drive Le Mans Car, Run Again

The Porsche 961 was the endurance racing version of the Porsche 959 meant originally for rally. Only one was ever made and its racing career was brief, but thanks to Goodwood we can see and hear what it’s like again.

The 961 ripped up the hill this year, with its 640 horsepower (up from 450 for the regular Paris-Dakar off roaders), Porsche 956/962 brake rotors, and class-minimum 2,535-pound weight.

Like the 959, it was all-wheel-drive, the first of its kind to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


It is a wonderfully strange car, racing before it was homologated for the road and thus relegated to being classed as an IMSA prototype. Even so, it finished 7th overall and hit 207 miles per hour on the Mulsanne. Wild car.

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