The Ferrari Challenge is what's known as a "gentlemen’s racing series," meaning it's not for pros but for any amateur with the cash to buy in. However, as we've seen many times over with Ferraris on the road, a big wallet doesn't automatically equal a ton of driving skill.

On Sunday a Ferrari Challenge event was held at Austin's Circuit of the Americas as a support race for the U.S. Grand Prix. Perhaps to appease American audiences convinced that all motorsports should be full of crashes like NASCAR, but more likely due to poor driving, the race devolved into a total clusterfuck almost immediately after it started.


The first lap was filled with carnage as two cars nearly collided in Turn 11, with one of them spinning out into the road as the rest of the pack came up behind him and causing just a big ol' mess. It even left a tire right in the middle of the road. More mayhem would follow later.

On the plus side, the 458 run by our pals at Axis of Oversteer won the race after the first-place Ferrari was penalized for spinning another car.


If you have more videos of Texas Ferrari Crash Madness 2013, feel free to share them below. Ferrari Challenge — it's like real-life Mario Kart for rich people!


Hat tip to OneFastPuertoRican!

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