The outstanding Axis of Oversteer won the Ferrari 458 Challenge in Austin this weekend and now they're running a photo contest where you can win swag and glory. Send your best pictures of their ultra-lustworthy orange/chrome Challenge car to ac (at) More details here.


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As someone who (tries) to make a living off of photography, I'm sick of corporate crap like this.

Rather than pay a professional who has invested decades in photography, they 'crowdsource' photography to a bunch of amateurs who will happily send them their pics (and all rights with them) to a company for their free use.

All for a couple of shiny stickers.

If a company values their product / service, they will be willing to incorporate the cost of professional photographic services into their cost of doing business.

Rather than just rely on naive kids shooting with gear their dads bought them to supply marketing content.

Fuck free work.