Watch The 2018 Jaguar E-Pace Practice Barrel Rolls On A Giant Bouncy Castle

gif: Jaguar/YouTube (screengrabs)

Jaguar literally launched its 2018 E-Pace compact crossover earlier this month in London, conducting the Guinness Book of World Records’ farthest production vehicle barrel roll. Lest you think the whole thing was somehow faked, here’s a video showing the lengths Jaguar went to pull it off. And yes, there’s a roofless bouncy castle involved.

Jaguar really put some engineering effort into getting its new compact crossover to, you know, not crash in front of hundreds of spectators—because introducing a new compact crossover as it lies upside down with glass shattered and roof caved-in would probably be awkward.

One of the first steps to pulling this whole thing off, according to Jag’s “behind-the-scenes” video, involved running a bunch of exciting physics and math through computer-based simulations:

gif: Jaguar/YouTube (screengrabs)

From there, Jaguar went to Santa Pod Raceway in England, and had an E-Pace wearing what looks like Land Rover Evoque sheetmetal beat the crap out of itself as it autonomously launched over and over into a huge airbag.

Once computer simulations and robot-driven test runs were completed, stunt driver Terry Grant got behind the wheel. Here’s a look at how it all went down:

Sure, this launch is the very definition of a publicity “stunt,” but figuring out how to land a 3,500 pound SUV after a 270-degree barrel roll is the kind of nerdiness that’s hard not to love.

Plus, just look at that gigantic bouncy castle. That’s even harder not to love.

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its not that I questioned if they did it...Its that I question why. I guess it generates media buzz but to what end?