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Watch the 12 Hours of Sebring on your XBOX this weekend

Illustration for article titled Watch the 12 Hours of Sebring on your XBOX this weekend

If you want to watch the full 12 Hours of Sebring live this weekend and you're not in Florida the best way to do so is with ESPN 3, which you can now stream through your XBOX.


It's the first ALMS race of the year and the first time you'll be able to watch the race through your gaming device. It should be an exciting race, with a total of 56 cars racing in the various classes. Will the diesel LMP1 cars still hold an edge over their gas twins? Will Porsche, Corvette, BMW, or Ferrari set the pace for the GT field? Will the Robertson Ford GT or Gulf-liveried Aston run as fast as they look?


For a full list of the cars racing and the helmets of the racers, check out the ALMS 2011 Sebring Guide or on our Facebook page. Coverage starts 10:00 am EST Saturday on your XBOX.

Photo: Getty Images

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But, but,....but.... I what if I want to watch all of it on fucking television?

What the hell is this shit ALMS??

And SPEED channel, you've given up on 12 hours of glorious racing in America for what? More NASCAR practice and qualifying? Damn your lack of programming sense.

I'm sorry, but this just pisses me off.