Watch An Entire Season Of Racing Live On Your Xbox

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The American Le Mans Series will be the first U.S. racing series to broadcast an entire season of racing live, online, and unedited via ESPN3 and Xbox Live, including the 12 hours of Sebring you've been poorly recreating in Forza.

American Le Mans is some of the most exciting, most European racing we get in this country, but television coverage has been limited to mostly incomplete races on SPEED for the last couple of years.

Now fans can watch the races live on or Xbox Live if they have an Xbox 360 and a Gold subscription (probably). ABC and ESPN2 will also start carrying two-hour telecasts of the races, which is probably bigger news for ALMS, but the full live racing is the big news for racing junkies.


With over 60 hours of online programming (including qualifying and pre/post race) it's now almost 5% of the amount of NASCAR programming we're forced to watch.

Photo Credit: Zerin Dube

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I have this great idea. A GPS should be positioned into each car.

Then you could log online with let's say Forza and would be able to ghost race live against the REAL competitors.

...and you could do this with F1, NASCAR and any track racing.