Watch Some Loons Melt Tools With Electricity On A Carpet, While Smoking

Much like our other recent using-electricity-to-melt-shit story, this is just a chance to marvel at some terrible ideas and wonder why these guys aren’t charred remains. It’s the carpet that does it for me.

The video isn’t new, it’s not exactly well made, in any traditional sense, but these guys seem to be having such a good time almost burning down their entire house while playing with big transformers on that terrible carpet that I figured we all may enjoy it.


What’s that massive bit of equipment in the background, with all the lights and meters on it? Are they in their parents’ attic or something? What are the fumes like in that room? Why the hell are they doing this on a rug?

So many questions. Anyway, enjoy.

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David Tracy

Here’s what happens when you’re holding those tools (actually, an wire in this case), and the electricity source is a car battery: