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Ryan Tuerck finished on the podium at the opening round of Formula Drift over the weekend. He had a shot at the top, only to get stopped by a mechanical failure. Watch him join in with his crew and try to swap his seized diff in their allotted five minutes of time.


I was rooting for Tuerck (note how he was riding the walls on the streets of Long Beach with both sides of his back bumper), but it’s still heartening to see a top driver in a pro series join in with his crew to wrench on his own car.

Skip to 58 minutes into the live stream to see Tuerck running to help join his mechanics, and skip back to 45 minutes to see him face off against Frederic Aasbo. Aasbo had lost a gear going through the final hairpin on the run before, and Tuerck loses his diff on the final hairpin in the following one. As Jarod Deanda announces, “this is why people think Formula Drift is scripted.”


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If anyone’s interested, Tuerck’s new FD car is pretty great, given that it’s getting some rally tech (notably anti-lag) thanks to Nameless Performance, who also run the GT86 rally car in the US.