Wow, look at the amazing work this fashion company Rag & Bone did to save and restore a wonderful vintage Porsche 911. Wait, did I say restore? I meant crush for no good reason.


Refinery29 reports that Rag & Bone claim this actually just a shell of a 911 SC. Itt looks pretty minty and complete for a shell.

Truth be told, vintage 911s are like, mega played out these days. Their prices are in bubble territory and they’re tragically hip with the SoHo set. If you want to meet the most boring people in the world, look for an unmodified classic Porsche 911. Nothing says ‘this is acceptable in all social circles and completely unlikely to offend any human of any social status or disposition’ quite like an old 911.


And people who don’t want to piss off other people are boring.

Kill all the old 911s. They’ve had their time.

But let me get behind the wheel for a little bit before you do. They’re super fun to drive.

(Hat tip to theroadlessdriven!)


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