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Watch Phyllis Diller Explain Her Car's 'Gangster Lights'

One of America's most genuine kooks, Phyllis Diller, passed earlier today at the decidedly serious age of 95. Diller was a very funny woman who cultivated a certain bizarre, disheveled look, and it's nice to know that she made sure her cars had a similar over-the-top look. Hence her love of that most unloved of over-the-top cars, the Excalibur.


Diller's favorite car, an Excalibur, of course, was customized with power steering to prevent massacres, and had its original, smallish headlamps replaced with what she calls "Gangster Lights."

She'll be missed, especially as one of the very few people who seem to be the right fit for an Excalibur.

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The Excalibur Phyllis Diller owned was no joke, being a Series I car from the days when the standard engine was a 300 hp Corvette 327 and the curb weight was 2,100 lbs. It was one of the quickest cars in the world at the time, with some accounts putting 0-60 under 5 seconds. Even some of the Series II cars were pretty strong performers, with Corvette 454s and Corvette IRS.