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Watch NASCAR Champ Tony Stewart Flip His Sprint Car Five Times

Three-time NASCAR champ Tony Stewart is a bit of a throwback racer. If there's something happening at a track near him, he'll be there. And if he can, he'll be racing. That's just what he did last night at a Canadian sprint track. This time it didn't go so well.


Stewart was running in the Oshweken Northern Summer Nationals at Oshweken Speedway in Canada last night. He was battling for the lead with the unrelated (or possibly Tony's Canadian bizarro brother) Shane Stewart.

Tony is on the outside when he gets too high. His car hooks into the dirt and it goes end over end over end over end over end. He was fine and walked away, probably to eat a soda cookie.

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I can only imagine his sarcastic answers to any questions the infield medical center or pit reporters might ask him.

Report: "Tony - what did it feel like to flip your Winged Sprint Car 5 times?"

Tony Stewart: "Like me ripping the leg off of your comfortable chair and beating you with it"

Tony Stewart: "Next stupid question please"