Watch Me Embarrass Myself Driving An RC Car Against A Pro LIVE

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As you may have seen earlier, I’m at Volkswagen’s elaborate, specially-built RC track, complete with electrically-actuated obstacles and jumps and treadmills and all kinds of bonkers shit. It’s impressive, and, even though I know precisely squat about RC car racing, I’m want to give it a try. So I will!


Unless you have persistent and vivid out-of-body experiences every time you drive, the process of driving a normal car, from the inside, and an RC car, from the outside and above, like how Odin or Ra must watch you drive, are very different experiences.


I’ve played with RC cars, sure, like any rational, modern human, but I really have no idea what I’m doing. The guys I’ll be driving with here are pros, and know exactly what to do.

So who am I up against? Scott Speed? Tanner Foust? Not quite; it’s Jared Tebo, the world champion pro radio-controlled car racer, and that’s a job so fun it makes mine feel like I work in accounts receivable.

Should be fun, right? And the stakes are so much lower than normal, so, why not try it? What’s the worst that can happen?

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Here’s the pros doing it for real: