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Watch Le Mans Driver Jeroen Bleekemolen Cruise Through A Gravel Trap Like It's Asphalt

Spinning into a gravel trap is generally bad news. You’re lucky if you can drive your car out afterward, but chances are you’re going to be beached there for a second. Unless, of course, your name is Jeroen Bleekemolen and you’re a whole handful of badass.


The Dutch driver locked up the brakes of his Ferrari 488 GTE, and just like that: boom. The car is going for a spin straight into the gravel trap at the Porsche Curves. I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us would have panicked and possibly even stalled.


Not Bleekemolen. He corrected the spin on his #85 Keating/Risi Ferrari in the midst of the gravel trap and just drove right back out like he didn’t just lose it. If you didn’t know better, you’d barely even be able to tell that he didn’t actually intend to go for a spin.

Which I guess is the secret to all your happy accidents: own ‘em and drive through the gravel trap of life like the tough cookie you are.

Weekends at Jalopnik. Managing editor at A Girl's Guide to Cars. Lead IndyCar writer and assistant editor at Frontstretch. Novelist. Motorsport fanatic.

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I love the phrase “tough cookie.” Doesn’t get used enough anymore. I hereby resolve to honor my grandmother by working it into conversation whenever it’s useful from now on.