Watch Jalopnik Astral Project in Driver: San Francisco Live on Twitch at 4 PM ET

Having an out-of-body experience to save the world.

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Gif: Steve DaSilva

There are plenty of mission-based driving games, where your job is to pull elaborate heists or stop them, with all the bombast and typically none of the charm of your Hollywood franchise of preference. Driver: San Francisco, released in 2011 and developed by the Ubisoft team that would later go on to make Watch Dogs, is not like those games, because it pretty much eschews all sense of reality. And we’ll be reveling in its absurdity today at 4 p.m. Eastern on

I won’t give too much away, but Driver: SF turns the typical good-guy-versus-bad-guy chase upside down by allowing you — that’s FBI agent John Tanner — to body-swap with any driver on the road at any time. Except your nemesis, because he can body-swap too. The game wouldn’t be very long or compelling if he couldn’t, right?


Driver: SF has been something of a cult hit since it came on the scene more than a decade ago, and fortunately you can still buy it for Xbox One and Series consoles. But this was the last entry in the series, and its innovative online multiplayer modes — think vehicular tag, but with the whole car-swapping thing — will be shut down in a little less than a month. Frankly, Ubisoft deserves credit for keeping them up for this long.

I have never played this curious open-world thrill ride, but I’ve heard fantastic things, and I’me excited to sink my teeth in. Your regular cast of Jalops will join me to see what madness we can create with the entirety of the Golden Gate City’s traffic patterns at our disposal.