Ain't no horsepower like Texan horsepower. And our friends over at Hennessey know how to make it in gobs and gobs. This is their 2014 Corvette on a closed portion of Texas's Grand Parkway toll road, where it hits 200 MPH to test Texas's toll system. Because science.

This 2014 Corvette doesn't have the normal Hennessey levels of power, which is typically around 1,000. This makes do with some light tuning (a small nitrous kit to give it the necessary kick in the ass.

The results make this the first 2014 Corvette to hit 200 MPH, which it did at a top speed of 200.6 MPH on the highway.

This also gave Texas DOT the opportunity to test its new RFID toll collection system. That's a good thing, since this new section of the road opens to the public on 12/21 and surely many people will be going 200 MPH plus when they hit the tolls.

And yes, if you were wondering, Hennessey confirmed to us that the toll system was able to read the license plate at that speed. Which is nuts.

In addition to the Vette, Hennessey brought out his first supercharged Chevrolet SS, which hit 164 MPH since it was limited by gearing.