Southern California: it's too hot, too fake, and you commute everywhere you go. But it's all worth it for the cars, like this collection of surprisingly badass tuned 1970s Datsuns, happily shredding tires for the camera.


There's a 1970 Bluebird SSS with a stock-turbo SR20, a '72 510 with a 385-horsepower SR20, a tuned '71 5-speed 1200, a '74 710 with a race motor that was used as a Bob Bondurant driving school car back in the day, and my personal favorite, a 1974 610 with a bored-out Silvia motor, a Garrett turbo, and 290 horsepower.

Remind us to move down to SoCal one of these days.

(Hat tip to Mark, who is screaming like a Bieber fan right now!)


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