Watch Chris Harris Finally Review The Tesla Model S P100D Against The Porsche 911 R

If you’re Chris Harris, host of Top Gear and one of the most prolific motoring journalists working today, and you somehow haven’t reviewed the super quick Tesla Model S, you’re going to need to save face—like racing it against the incredible Porsche 911 R.


The Tesla Model S P100D came out over a year ago, and even then it was an update of the P90D, and even that was just the performance model of the original Model S. It’s been around for so many years, it’s already had a styling refresh. And yet Mr. Harris has only just now reviewed one.

Not to linger over why the Model S deserves to be respectfully reviewed, and its importance in the market (at least among a very vocal segment of enthusiasts and consumers), and all that stuff. It’s just an extremely capable machine as evidenced by all of those supercars defeated in drag race videos, as Harris points out.

The best part of this video is the moment Harris gets out of the Tesla Model S P100D, which he deems a praiseworthy experience, to try and beat it with a Porsche 911 R. Now, the Tesla beats the Porsche to 100 mph, and 120 mph, but only Harris manages to overtake the Tesla before hitting 150 mph.

That’s a testament to the engineering of the 911 R, and to the sheer abilities of Mr. Harris himself. The review also managed to bring up some surprisingly practical notes on the Model S on the bumpy roads, claiming the ride is a bit off-putting and nauseating in some everyday circumstances. I’m not sure I’ve heard that before.

Well there you go Chris. You successfully did it, finally. Was it probably just so that Tesla will eventually want to lend you a Model 3 to review? Maybe. Was it worth it? Of course it was.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik



Pros stated from the video:

  • “It’s quiet. It’s quieter than an S class. In town, I can see why people like these things.”
  • “OH MY LORD!!!!! I’m sorry I can’t talk. Wow. It explodes off the line. Ah, that’s great fun.”
  • “You could go reeeaaaaalllllyyyy fast in this... There aren’t many cars that can do what this can do.”
  • The big screen is “most impressive. It’s very much next gen.”
  • “I can see why people get addicted to the step-off acceleration... four-wheel drive.”
  • “I don’t mind that it doesn’t have an internal combustion engine.”
  • “Very, very clever machine... it’s so clever it makes your brain hurt.”

Cons stated from the video:

  • “One-trick-pony” (in terms of acceleration)
  • Cost (stated 3-4 times, although this is the flagship model with all the performance and range)
  • “There’s something unnatural about how it takes these bumps.”
  • Doesn’t feel like an expensive car, screen, dials, “cheap leather”
  • “I admire what it can do... but it doesn’t light my fuse.”
  • Regenerative breaking is annoying at times
  • Too smart – “I get the feeling it knows things I don’t want it to know - like the bad things I’ve done at prep school.”