How the Mighty Have Fallen: 30-Mile Porsche 911 R Estimated to Take Measly $375,000 at Auction

Do you remember the Porsche 911 R? The first one on sale in the U.S. was listed for nearly $700,000 in late 2016. It didn’t take long for secondhand 911 Rs to start demanding over $1 million. But now, just a couple of years later, the 911 R is estimated to go for the dirt-cheap cost of just $375,000 at auction.

Chris Harris Wanted The Overhyped Porsche 911 R To Not Be Brilliant

Why would Chris Harris want the new Porsche 911 R to fall flat? Perhaps it’s because his Top Gear co-host Matt LeBlanc got to drive it for the show before him. Perhaps it’s because of the ridiculous hype surrounding the car. Well it’s too bad, because it turns out not even a dogleg manual 7-speed V12 Aston Martin can…