The snow and ice along I-44 in Missouri was bad earlier this week, as evidenced by an insane video from Monday showing one woman’s attempt to scramble from her car while slipping in the snow as a semi truck crashes into a pileup, just barely missing her.

Here’s a copy of the video uploaded to Facebook. There’s also a copy on imgur. According to The Kansas City Star, the original source of the video is unclear.

A second video captured the woman’s initial crash, which was just one part of a massive pileup in the bad weather on Sunday, according to KY3.


Luckily, the woman, Caroline, escaped with only minor bumps and bruises, according to KY3:

She explained, “I had just texted my boyfriend, and then I look up, and this semi is coming straight at my driver’s side door. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen in my entire life.”

The semi hit the stack of cars including Caroline’s.

“I thought I am going to die,” she stated.

After the crash and her bold jump from the car, Caroline took refuge with the family in the truck that captured the second video.


I have never seen a more insane non-fiction car crash clip in my entire life. The door, and the rest of the car AND the semi truck, all barely missed her by a matter of inches in her split-second decision to jump. It’s incredible she wasn’t seriously injured.

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