Duck and cover won't do the trick, but if you follow these ten steps, things should be just fine even if you're stuck in a nasty pileup.

10.) Stay in the car

If it seems safer than opening the door, just stay where you are. Your car's safety features will be less effective once you're stationery or the airbags have been deployed in a crash, but if you grab the seat belt tight and duck a little, you still have a much better chance than on the open road.

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9.) Or get out of the car if it's safer

If you can make it behind the wall or into a safe area without the risk of getting hit, go for it. You never know what could still come from behind.

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8.) Turn your hazard lights on

Whether you stay inside or leave your car, always push that button. It can save others, not to mention you from a collision.

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7.) Keep going

Once again if you decided to stay in your car, check if it's still moving. If the roads are clear ahead, go for it. You can stop a few feet up, in safety.

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6.) Flag on others

If you got out of your car and managed to get behind the barrier, try to let others know about the dangers ahead. They will slow down if they see somebody waving on the side.

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5.) Call 911

In both cases, let the officials know what's going on. Maybe you'll be the 25th to call them, but you might as well be the first. Don't call multiple times and keep it to the facts, it's important.

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4.) Contact your loved ones

Let them know you're ok, or will be after a quick trip to a nearby hospital.

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3.) Tweet, Instagram, Whatever

I know it sounds stupid, but it will help the media, it will inform your friends as well, and it will sell Cadillacs.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister

2.) Make new friends

Thank-God-we're-alive sex is usually fantastic.

Suggested By: Eastbound and Down

1.) Grab a beer

You're alive, but stress is unhealthy. You deserve an IPA. Maybe even two.

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