Watch Arsonists Set A Cadillac Escalade On Fire

Unlike the Fisker Karma, some cars need outside help in order to catch on fire. Overnight, Romanian arsonists torched a Cadillac Escalade as a nearby camera watched.


The car actually belongs to the business owner who had the security cameras installed on his property to see just something like this.


Details are scarce, but the perps seem to have had a vendetta against the owner and the vehicle. They douse the car in gasoline and light it on fire in a pretty spectacular way. It doesn't sound like the owner was injured, but the unfortunate Caddy died a very fiery death.

The arsonists start their routine around 0:30 in the video.

Hat Tip to Marius!

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Voice of C. Montgomery Burns

Oh shit, I know the IP address of that camera now. Such fools.