Watch An Old Lada Tow Most Of A Tahoe

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I’m not exactly sure of what’s going on here, or why. My guess is that the crazy Russians over at UFO Garage are doing some project that involves most of a Tahoe, so they decided to have some fun with it and a Lada.

Is it the Citizen Kane of car-towing-another-car-so-it-rips-apart videos? No. But it does involve a hard-livin’-looking Lada doing the towing, and even if it’s clearly staged and the windshield disappears, it’s still fun.


If you’re upset and demand more realism in your cars-being-pulled-apart-by-towing-mishaps videos, then here, maybe this will help.

Or, if you’re just more interested in the majestic ballet of Ladas being towed, this may be up your alley:

Look, I just want you to be happy regarding videos of Ladas and/or towing mishaps. That’s all.


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More propaganda to prove manly Russian cars are superior to female American cars.