Illustration for article titled Watch An NYC Bus Driver Catch A Girl Who Fell Out Of A Window

Over the last few days, drivers have been involved in some incredible and daring rescues.


Yesterday, we heard about a FedEx driver saving a woman from a car that was about to explode.


Now, we just heard about a New York City bus driver catching a girl that fell from a third story window.

Even more incredible? There's a video of the whole thing happening.

The seven year old crawled out onto an air conditioner and started dancing, according to WTVR. Obviously, that right there is a recipe for disaster.

The bus driver was walking by, saw her, and tried to keep her calm. When she lost her balance and fell, the driver was below the window to catch her.

The girl was uninjured and the driver had a torn muscle, but will be ok. The NYPD has not brought charges against the child's parents yet.


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