A Hero FedEx Driver Rescued A Woman From An Exploding Car

A FedEx truck driver is being hailed as a hero after he rescued a woman from a car that was about to burst into flames last Thursday.

Take that UPS.

After an accident occurred in Grass Valley, CA between a car and a semi-truck, FedEx driver Scott Teuscher came across the scene, according to KTVU News.


When he first pulled up, he thought everyone was all right. He soon figured out that wasn't the case when he spoke to other bystanders:

I said "did everybody get out?" And they said "well here's the truck driver." And I said "ok, what about the car?" They said "we don't know." I said "you don't know?!"

Teuscher went to the window of the car and noticed the driver was unconscious and still in the car. Even though there was diesel fuel spilling out of the semi all around them, Teuscher jumped into action and pulled the woman from the car.

Moments later, the car ignited and exploded.

After he left the scene, Teuscher went right back to work. He doesn't consider himself a hero and just hopes that people would do the same thing to rescue him if he were trapped.


Hat tip to $kaycog!

Photo Credit: KTVU Screenshot


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