Watch an Aussie carjacker drive the wheels off two cars

Australian carjackers hate circles, which may explain why this young thief separated the wheels from a Porsche Boxster and a pickup truck in a single car chase.

The thief in this video was driving around in a stolen Boxster when he smashed the car into a guardrail, breaking the front-right wheel from the car. Did he stop? Of course not! He had to prove his keen mastery of car control, forging on despite fire bursting from the rear of the car. Was he distracted by these flames? Probably! But this man-on-the-lam managed to plow the Porsche into a fence, flee the wrecked vehicle, steal another automobile (a Nissan truck), and soldier on.


The guy continue the chase much as any other, by tearing off another wheel and continuing his three-wheeled run from the authorities. There's no telling how many more cars he'd have turned into trikes had it not been for the local constabulary spritzing him with some O'de Pepper.

Hat tip to K. and Mr. Quick!

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