Watch An Amazingly Skilled Excavator Operator Pluck His Stuck Coworker From The Mud

There isn't a single human being who has seen an excavator and not wanted to ride in the scoop. One Russian man got to do just that, but he had to get himself stuck in waist-deep mud first.


We don't mean to imply that rescuee in this video intentionally got himself stuck in mud so that he could be lifted to safety. We will say that he was pretty happy getting his ride (which starts around 3.10 in the video), and so were all his buddies.

Like the Bobcat ninja, we're just amazed by the excavator operator's precision. If we were at the controls, that guy would've ended up a lot shorter.

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When my family put in a pool, they obviously had to dig a big-ass hole (haha...). The guy operating the excavator carved out the exact shape, down to within inches, of the pool, including curves, steps, and swim out step in the deep end. Un-freaking-believable. When we commented on it, the foreman just laughed and said, "you should see the work his older brother does."

I can only imagine the pure awesomeness of his sand castles.