Watch An Adorable Two-Year Old Girl Identify Cars

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How's your cute gland doing? Is it healthy? Well-exercised with a steady diet of Internet kittehs and puppiehs? I hope so. For the love of God, I hope you're not lying to me. Because what you're about to see here is going to push your cute-appreciation gland to it's absolute limit. The video, right up there, is going to show you a little Austrian two-year old correctly identifying a half-dozen cars. In adorable two-year old toddler German.

The little girl's name is Sasha-Mercedes, and her dad is an Austrian automotive journalist.


Look, if you're even wondering if you can handle all the cute, don't be a hero. Just leave this page and work up to something this cute more slowly. Maybe try looking at some elderly dogs, and then carefully make your way to puppies. I have a 19-month old little boy who's really cute and loves cars and points at them and says "wheeeeel!" and that only barely prepared me for this. It's also made me realize I need to step up my car-identification teaching if there's kids like Sasha-Mercedes running around. "Wheeel" just isn't going to cut it with little girls like her pointing out Lancias and Dacias from two blocks away.

Another interesting note: based on this video, I've convinced myself I know German. It's all basically just English with funny pronunciations, right?


(Thanks, Jan Fischer!)