Little kid brains are amazing things. Iā€™ve worked with one for some time now, and am always amazed how good they are at data storage, and how terrible they are at making decisions that donā€™t end up with liquids flung around a room. This little guy here, though, is a great example of how incredible kids are at visual identification. In this case, the best kind of visual identification: cars.

This squishy little car-identification prodigy is Nicholas, and just watch how amazing he is at identifying cars:

Also, hearing him pronounce those names is adorable enough that those of you with compromised cute-appreciation glands should probably seek medical attention right about now.

Especially when he adds ā€œgo-fast!ā€ after the Bugatti and some other cars. Man. Hereā€™s more of the little nut:

Holy crap this is cute. Guh, it hurts a little. Iā€™m glad Subarus get the same ā€˜go-fastā€™ addendum as the higher-end cars, perhaps revealing some of his dadā€™s own tastes, and Iā€™m especially impressed he identified that Buick. Most adults donā€™t know what the hell a Buick Encore is.


Mighty fine fathering there, dad. Go take little Nicholas for a ride in something fast.