Watch A Truck Jump 379 Feet Across A Ghost Town, A Totally Pointless But Awesome World Record

Photo: Garth Milan/Red Bull
Photo: Garth Milan/Red Bull
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We’ve already written about how Red Bull has been modifying Bryce Menzies’ 900 horsepower Pro2 truck to handle a world record jump attempt. But now, a couple days ago, Menzies put all those modifications to the test. Here’s how it went.


It went... okay. Menzies did break the record of 332 feet by nearly 50 feet, launching his machine 379.4 feet over a fake western ghost town. Here’s a video of the jump:

Here’s a view from Menzies’ seat:

But it wasn’t perfect, because, instead of quitting while he was ahead, Menzies decided to give it another go to see if he could beat the record he had just set. He crashed live on Red Bull TV, breaking his shoulder and totally trashing the truck. There’s no video yet of the crash, but based on the sounds of it, it’s probably not pretty.

But Menzies was released from the hospital the day he went in, probably cheered up by the fact that he can now brag about holding the record for the farthest off-road truck jump. Sure, it’s a totally pointless and dangerous record to attempt, but you can’t say it’s not awesome.

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That rebound setting...dayum. It took half the jump for the rear wheels to even come down.