How To Get A Truck To Basically Fly With Only A Few Mods

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Want to attempt the world’s longest off-road truck jump? Turns out all you need is to convert your crappy old carbureted engine to fuel injection, put a little more rebound in the shocks and pump up the tires. You will need to start with a scratch-built racing rig though.

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On August 27th, desert racing champ and Red Bull team driver Bryce Menzies will jump his Pro2 truck with 900 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque over a ghost town to try and best the standing truck-jump-distance record of 332 feet.

This vehicle is built for short course racing– lots of sliding and jumps, but the truck usually doesn’t fly for more than a few car-lengths. The modifications made for the record-attempt are pretty much limited to what I listed above– fuel injection, shocks dialed in to avoid bottoming out, “a lot more tire pressure than usual” and a counterweight on the passenger side.

You can see Bryce and his team go into a little more detail in this video. And more importantly, see some sweet Pro2 jumps:

The actual jump attempt will be live on Red Bull TV, August 27th at noon PST. Will he die?! Probably not. Hopefully not. Bryce is a good dude.

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