Watch A Toyota Supra Crash Monster Truck-Style Over Another Drift Car

GIF pulled from Reflections of Drift’s Video

At the wheel of that Toyota Supra is one Mike Perez, one of the more wild drivers in the American drift scene. How wild? Watch him drift over another car in one of the more manic crashes I’ve seen in a while.

And let’s watch that again again, but meme’d.

Ahead of (and under) Mike’s Supra is Ricky Hofman in his Flipzco Nissan S13. Behind the Supra is none other than Cameron Moore in his pro car for Formula Drift, a 2JZ-swapped Scion FR-S likely worth something in the six figures. That cost factored into the crash, as Perez explained in a Facebook comment earlier:

Ricky parked I went to push literally hit knowing Cameron was right on me clearing up a gap. I floor it and stayed on it.


Basically, Mike tried to push Ricky’s car out of the way so Cameron wouldn’t wreck his pro car.

The reason why a pro car was mixing it up with some locals was that this was at ClubLoose’s inimitable ProBroDown yesterday. The Englishtown drift group invites all of Formula Drift’s professional drivers to run with New Jersey’s finest local drifters the day after Formula Drift New Jersey, just a short drive away at Wall Speedway.


This video, of course, has been meme’d.

And something like it has happened before: 2010 Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. (a guy who has run a number of laps at E-Town, too) once ran right over Fredric Aasbo at FD Atlanta a few years back. Oddly, Aasbo used to drive a Supra. Was this some kind of cosmic karma? Probably not.

In any case, well done, Mike. You’re a good dude. Crazy, but good.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Orange Julius Erving

Drifters need to stop using supras/skylines/rx7's/s14's (biased because I think the s14 looks great), etc for drifting. Too many beautiful/handsome cars getting wrecked.