Watch A Stadium Super Truck Roll Over In Slow Motion

Jose Maria Lopez's Stadium Super Truck wasn't as nimble as the touring car he's used to.
Lopez was racing today in the Race of Champions, where he took a nice, slow roll. The Race of Champions people were all over it, giving us an extended slow-mo replay of the roll from several different angles, including from underneath.


Lopez had been picked to represent Team Americas in the Nations Cup today. Here, he was facing off against Romain Grosjean from Team France. The lazy, ample travel of the Stadium Super Truck's suspension was a completely new experience for reigning 2014 World Touring Car Champion Lopez, so he got to experience rolling on his roof in one.

Grosjean had a moment where his Stadium Super Truck went on two wheels that made it into this montage of epic body roll and flying dirt, but he was able to put it back down on four wheels like a boss.

Surprisingly, many of the "why are they here?" teams did exceptionally well at today's Race of Champions, with Team Famous Likable People Scotland advancing to the final against Team Nordic. We're now all convinced that David Coulthard needs to go rallying after his knock-out performance against WRC and World Rallycross champion Petter Solberg in a 600-hp Volkswagen Polo RX rallycross car.

Ultimately, double-sport-world-champion Petter Solberg and nine-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen prevailed in the end for Team Nordic. I don't think the grin left Kristensen's face for the whole event.

Either way, this clip of Lopez's roll proves that we need an undercarriage cam on everything.


Tune in tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for the rest of the Race of Champions, where all of the competitors face off individually against each other.


Dusty Ventures

C'mon, Lopez! You didn't even try to counter! Turn out of the roll, man! Grosjean knows what's up!