This VAZ 2113 came out of the factory in Togliattigrad, Russia with something between 53 and 72 horsepower, but with some proletariat tuning even a 500-odd horsepower Gallardo can't stand in its way.

Known to most of the world as the Lada Samara, the VAZ 2113 is still being built in Kazakhstan as a just another family car for the former Soviet East. It's got front wheel drive and comes with engines no bigger than 1.5 liters, other than some exceedingly rare two-rotor wankel-powered cars.


Strangely enough, the Lada Samara has a strong competition history. We assume that the VAZ 2113 in the video is just a tuner car, but with Jacky Ickx at the wheel, the factory raced Samaras using Porsche 959 four-wheel drive and a 3.6 liter Porsche flat-six in the 1990 and 1991 Dakar rally, placing 7th and then 5th overall. Even the most basic Samaras came with Porsche-designed combustion chambers.

Still, we think that this three-door hatchback has a little more under the hood than some 1980s Porsche tech if it's going to out-drag a Gallardo.