Watch a record setting Camaro slide sideways at 240 MPH

Late Model Racecraft's 1808 horsepower race car is proof that while it is possible to go 244 MPH in a Camaro, it sure isn't easy. This impressive F-Body had a high speed blowout at the Texas Mile in March before running 239 MPH on 20 Inch tires. At last weekend's Texas Mile event driver Josh Ledford managed to run 244 MPH making this Camaro the fastest car at the mile.


Racing the fastest standing mile Camaro in the world doesn't happen without a few setbacks. The team thought they had seen the worst of it when the car caught fire on an 243 MPH run earlier in the weekend, but they were wrong. As LMR's Camaro crossed the finish line the car went sideways giving a new and terrifying meaning to the term high speed drift.


Hat tip to The NEW Stigs American Cousin!

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