Rubbin’ is racing, but this shows how far things can go over the line.

It’s one thing to have contact on a race track, but hunting down and flipping another driver in the pits, with random people milling around, is beyond excusable.

This video is going viral on Dirt Track Racing’s Facebook page at the moment, though it was shot at I-80 Speedway in the endless waving fields outside of Omaha, as BangShift reports. That makes it pretty clear that we’re seeing an infamous crash from 2010. Nebraskan Cory Dumpert chased down Chad Sanders and put his car right into Chad’s door, flipping his car. Chad had already been black flagged for rough driving, as a contemporary news report notes, which was likely the cause for the hunt.

Dumpert got a $500 fine from I-80 Speedway and NASCAR suspended him from competing for the rest of that year.

“I used to get pretty hot pretty fast,” Dumpert admitted to the Journal Star after his suspension was lifted. “Now, things don’t bother me as much.”


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