Feeling good about yourself? Made some good New Years' resolutions you just know you're going to keep? Well get ready to be both simultaneously inspired and made to feel like a big, lazy slug. How? By watching this video of a soldier who lost all his limbs drifting a Mazda in the snow.

As Jalopnik reader Timothy Dodd tells us:

So my good friend Taylor Morris lost all four limbs in an IED blast in Afghanistan in May, and since has been on the long road to recovery. Well, we though one of the best ways for him to get better was to get him in my Mazdaspeed6 and try and drift in the fresh Iowa snow :) This was his first time driving in an unmodified car since his accident. The dude's unreal.

Everything's remarkable about this little video, no least of which is how well Morris moves and gets around with his prosthetic limbs. From a distance, you might not even realize this guy had all his extremities blown off. It's amazing.

Here's to the healing power of hooning, and determined guys like Taylor Morris.