The amazing strength of Volvo cars and the amazing stupidity of people not paying attention were put on display Saturday when a Volvo drove in front of a propeller plane in the middle of a landing. The plane hit the Volvo and the car was fine.

No one was hurt, but the crash itself was facepalm-worthy. The small airport in Roanoke, Texas, has its landing strip butting right up to a private road. All that's keeping cars from getting in the way of landing planes is a pair of stop signs and the word "STOP" painted onto the pavement.


Whether you blame the crash on bad planning on the part of the airport (its management tried and failed to buy that contested stretch of road), poor judgment on the part of the pilot, or just the obliviousness of the car's driver, the strength of the Volvo trumps all.

It's worth pointing out this is the second time we can think of that a plane crashed into a Volvo XC60 and the car's passengers survived.