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Watch A NASCAR Racer Drive His Wrecked Car Right Into The Car That Hit Him

GIF via BarriKimi 3

Retaliation! It’s the word of the day from today’s NASCAR Xfinity Series Dash 4 Cash race at Phoenix. Full-time Xfinity driver Cole Custer collided with Cup Series regular Austin Dillon, putting Dillon’s car in the wall and collecting Ryan Sieg’s car in the process. So, Dillon drove right into Custer’s car under caution.

This dumb retaliatory stunt got Dillon immediately parked by NASCAR, per Fox Sports’ Tom Jensen. As a full-timer in the top Cup Series this year, Dillon is ineligible for the Xfinity Series’ Dash 4 Cash anyway.


When asked about the hit afterwards, Dillon blamed Custer for overdriving his car, with no apologies made for his little act of follow-up.


Couldn’t you guys have waited until you were all out of your cars? No one got penalized for that fight last weekend.

Xfinity regular Justin Allgaier ultimately won tonight’s Dash 4 Cash race, which gives him a big $100,000 bonus check for the win.

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Dillon is only driving because grandpa owns the team. He’s a no-talent hack.