The McLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458 Italia are perilously closely matched on paper when it comes to performance. But the real world is an entirely different animal. And in the real world, the 12C makes the 458 Italia look like it's powered by a lawnmower engine.


In the past, cars of this level would be very difficult to get down a drag strip mistake free. That would place a premium on driver skill. But in the world of launch control, traction control, and double clutch transmissions that we now live in, a perfect run down the quarter mile is nearly fool proof.

We've seen the 12C on the drag strip before, but it wasn't against its main competitor. Here we see a 12C run against a 458 Italia three times. The 458 Italia is thoroughly and repeatedly trounced each and every time. The 458 driver doesn't always have the best reaction times, but elapsed time down the strip is still about 0.6 behind the McLaren, and it runs a 10.5 in the quarter.

Both cars are crazy fast. But the 12C is slightly crazier.

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